A100 Amplifier Board Class A Output 50W+50W AC 35V-0-35V

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A100 Amplifier Board Class A Output 50W+50W AC 35V-0-35V Specification:
1.A-100 circuit of a left and right channels, golden voice circuits throughout the symmetrical design, with protection circuit, two differential amplification, strength and control, wide sound field, hot materials
2.On-board units producing high frequency filtering is mainly used by low resistance filter and which, CBB non Lipp, the input coupling is genuine Siemens audio coupling
3.Circuit with two differential amplifier, the structure of an enlarged complex than the average
4.the differential circuit joined the K170 (K246) J74 (J103) field pipe input and output
Transformer Requirements:
1.300W or more primary voltage: AC35V-0-35V (power board to reprovision own rectifier board before they can use for the amplifier board)
2. protection circuit AC12-15V AC power supply for the power level of the rectified DC 45V or so better be own count voltage: AC12-15V in this group of power protection circuit has 15W enough (amplifier board comes to their own heat sink and power board)
3.Available two transformers and two power supply board, separate the independent power supply (advantages: Voices and SNR are higher, but the cost is high)
4.Available a transformer and a power supply board merger, the advantage is cost savings, convenience
1.power output amplification C2705 A1145 imports ON Semiconductor 03020281 audio on the tube output
2. C1237 for the midpoint voltage protection and over-current protection delay to allow use when safer, no impact sound switch
3.finished plate (test well) has a good debugging quiescent current 200MA AB class, class A amplification can be transferred to the heat sink according to the size of their own regulation; amplifier board power before power tubes to Shanghao fins (side 1.5KG above) and use the pipe insulation sheet with every good, can not short-circuit and heatsink, otherwise it will damage
4.Assembled into a single amplifier also with: Chassis power heatsink plate potential transformer and other accessories
5.Output power: A class of 50W +50 W
6.Class AB: 260W +260 W
7.Board dimensions: LxWxH 205MM X 95MM X 30MM tube containing
8.W meta-level machine
1*A100 Amplifier Board Class A Output 50W+50W AC 35V-0-35V

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